Star Trek Saturdays
star-trekkers-newSt. Mark “Trekkers” are invited to beam into Pastor Brian’s home on 2nd Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. four times a year (February, May, August, November) for gatherings of this unique ministry group. We begin with a brief service of Evening Prayer focusing on God as Creator of the wonders of the universe. We continue by viewing a Star Trek episode and exploring the theological themes therein, all the while enjoying the delightful opportunity to consume out-of-this-world munchies while socializing with our fellow humanoids. Bring a snack to share, but the event is BYORA (Bring Your Own Romulan Ale).


Church Picnic
Held annually in late summer, our church picnic is an opportunity to relax and share food and fun with fellow members. church-picnicWhether held at a member’s home or in a local park, there are activities for all ages. Kickball, canoeing, badminton, horse-back riding, and carriage rides were highlights of recent picnics.


Field Trips

On occasion we pile into our vehicles to experience activities and events happening in the greater St. Louis area. Trips in the past have included the St. Louis Holocaust Museum, the St. Louis Science Center, and the Missouri State Penitentiary.

NEXT EVENT: We are  planning a trip to the St. Louis Science Center to visit the limited time Da Vinci: The Exhibition.

Other Opportunities for Fellowship
Like all good Lutherans, we love the chance to get together for fun, fellowship and food! In addition to the Wednesday evening dinner and worship (Lent & Advent) and the annual picnic, we have a Valentine’s Day dinner (February), a Memorial Day weekend barbecue (May), a Reformation Dinner and Hymn Festival (October), baseball games, and of course, the occasional potluck!

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