Worship Schedule

In-Person Worship Opportunities during the Pandemic

St. Mark offers currently both in-person and online/virtual services as described below:

Sunday Morning Worship

In-person services of Holy Communion in the church are held at 9:15AM every Sunday morning. At this time, our Sunday service lasts about 1 hour.

Sunday worship is live-streamed to our YouTube channel and shared to our Facebook page. For those worshiping at home, the Order of Service can be found here.

All in-person worship attendees should expect the following:

  • With the surge of the Delta variant in neighboring Missouri, the wearing of cloth face coverings/masks over both mouth and nose is encouraged but not required at this time. Those attendees who are not vaccinated should continue to wear a mask regardless;  those with unvaccinated family members at home, or who remain at high-risk because of other conditions, or simply feel more comfortable wearing a mask should continue to do so. 
  • Communion is served using bread wafers and individual cups of wine around the altar rail
  • Hand sanitizer is available and its use is encouraged by attendees.
  • Post-worship coffee hour in the parish hall. Again, mask-wearing is encouraged but not required for those who are fully vaccinated.
  • Of course, please stay home if you do not feel well. COVID-19 shares symptoms with many ailments with which we are commonly afflicted.

IMPORTANT: These preventative measures are in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but none of them guarantee that you or your family members will not become infected. Please use your best judgment on whether or not to attend in-person worship.

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